“It's like Trello and Slack together!”

Wibib is the best way to keep your everyday work together with communication and your todo list.

Forget the expensive solutions! Sales + Project + Support + Development + Internal communication... and some more...

Keep it simple, keep it affordable!

Wibib Kanban board
"Kanban boards on steroids"

Kanbanize your process to see what's happening! You can have:

  • multiple boards for sales, marketing, support, etc...
  • workflows can move your cards automatically
  • predefined membership for columns

and many more kanban feature

"Don’t get lost in tasks"

Too many cards? Hard to follow the communication? No worries, you can have:

  • WIBs list. One list to rule them all. One list for all your communications.
  • Todo list. All your cards in one list which you have something to do with.
  • Do it in place. Forget navigating back and forth between pages. Make it done in one place!

Wibib Wibs list
Wibib Private chat
Communicate with your colleagues easily

Communication is everywhere. Every task, every project is based on information. you can:

  • chat with your colleagues in place
  • make conversations with others related to a topic, task, project
  • leave comments on tasks or projects

Why Wibib? Our statement

Maybe you’re small, but you are at least as valueable as the big ones. we would like to bring the efficiency to you and your company by the power of technology.

We are fast because we are small and flexible. Wibib are affordable because we only care about our product, not the marketing and sales tricks. We believe the power of a good product, even if it means we couldnt compete with the sales and marketing teams of the big ones.

We really love to be small. We just love creating products.

Why? because we are you.

Keep it simple!
"Beta" free
Unlimited features
Unlimited users
No commitment
In beta period, you can use all the features for free. Prices & packages are coming soon, after the beta period.
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