Get your sh*t together!

Wibib is solving your project & process management!

We re-invented task, project & process management, based on 10+ years sufferings as a Trello, Asana and Basecamp users. We have 3 essential features which are missing from every project & business process mgmt tool. Scroll down to get to know them!

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The All Seeing Eye!

Life’s hard. Work’s even harder. Most of the time your processes (like sales, marketing, development, etc..) have sub-processes and steps (pre-sales, UX, etc..) which shouldnt be handled separetely. If you always want to be in the swim, you can forget chaotic boards, just leave it to Wibib.

One list to rule them all!

Handle your tasks with ease. You might have many projects at the same time, still, you deserve to manage them without going crazy. Don’t worry about tasks from different boards and projects, we promise you won’t forget anything.

Trust is good, Control is better!

Let Wibib lead your hand. Wibib gives you actions and highlights info only related to the process step you are in. You only need a one time setup and Wibib will guide you and your colleagues through the entire process.